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Dance Fliers and Yearly Dance Schedules

The Miami Valley Dance Council has removed the dance fliers and yearly club schedules from the Newsletter because they make the Newsletter too large.

The fliers and yearly schedules will be available in our Google Drive cloud storage. They would be available for anyone to view and/or download.

Help: We are looking for someone with a little computer skill to maintain the schedules and fliers. If you are interested, contact Richard Bishop (937) 441-6291

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How Do I Put The Dance Flier(s) and Yearly Schedule into Cloud Storage


  • All Dance Fliers and Yearly Schedules must be in PDF file format.
  • Dance fliers may only have one dance on each flier.
  • The file naming convention must be followed (see below).

Yearly Schedule naming convention:

  • Four digit year club name.pdf
  • examples
    • yyyy Club Name.pdf
    • 2018 Cardinal Squares.pdf
    • 2018 Clinton County Country Squares.pdf
    • 2018 Hoosier Corners.pdf

Dance Flier naming convention:

  • yyyy-mm-dd Club Name - Special.pdf
  • examples
    • 2018-01-04 Clinton County Patriotic.pdf
    • 2018-01-06 Gem City.pdf
    • 2018-01-06 Hoosier Corners Pajama Dance.pdf
    • 2018-01-12 Cardinal Squares.pdf
    • 2018-01-20 Gem City Souper Bowl.pdf
    • 2018-02-03 Hoosier Corners.pdf
  • Note: Only put one dance on each flier

All documents should have the following information:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Dance leaders names
  • Contact person, email & phone (You may have more than one contact person)
  • High / Low
  • Revision date


Upload Dance Flier(s)

  • Attach the Dance Flier(s) and email to: MiamiValleyDanceCouncil@gmail.com
  • Include the word Flier or Fliers in the subject line
    • example
    • Subject: Double H's January and February dance Fliers


Upload A Yearly Schedule


If you have Questions or Need help

 Updated: 11/24/2017